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Coronavirus Disinfecting


Covid-19 Contingency Plan to Keep Your Home Safe

These are some of the strict measures Avanti Green Eco Cleaning has implemented to make sure your family members and our staff aresafe.

  • Right Equipment: Our staff wears masks and gloves inside your home and specially if they are within 6 feet away from any family member in your property.
  • Hand Sanitizing: All of our employees use hand sanitizer before they enter and after they leave any home. In addition, they wipe down equipment with a disinfectant before.
  • Temperature Check: All of our staff is checked each morning and before they leave our offices. Anybody with temperature over 99 degrees will be sent back home.
  • Individual Microfiber Towels: We only use microfiber cloths. When used with the right cleaning products, they aremore effective to remove bacteria and viruses. We also use a set of cloths per home and we do not use them in other properties. Each set of towels stays in the customer’s home after we clean.
  • Cleaning Products: We are utilizing healthcare facilities disinfectant and are making sure we clean all surfaces including: counter tops, door knobs, light switches, all handles, floors, etc.
  • Vacuums: We are asking our clients to provide their own vacuums in an effort not to usethem in all homes. However, if you do not own one, we make sure to disinfect it every time we use it.
  • Social Distancing: We require our staff to work within 6 feet of social distancing space while cleaning.
  • Communication: We have requested from all of our customers to let us know if anybody in their home presents any symptoms.
  • We have taken strict measures because we believe all of us are in this together. We are committed to helping Las Vegas fight Covid-19 and keeping your home sanitized by limiting the risk to you, your family and our employees.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please, contact us at:702-527-2111.

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Avanti Green Eco Cleaning

Coronavirus Clean Home- Stay Healthy

The Coronavirus crisis has changed the world forever. We all know the risks associated with the disease; therefore, it is important we keep our homes and businesses extra clean so that we protect our families, colleagues and clients.

Avanti GreenEco Cleaning has done lot of research regarding the wayswe can keep your home and business disinfected and has been proactive about keeping up with the newest cleaning trainings. In the past few days, our green cleaning professionalshave been trained in the following areas: Infection prevention enviromental hygiene, industry compliance and disinfection practices in a heathcare environment - making your home or business even safer.

Cleaning for Pregnant Women in Las Vegas

We understand that you may need help during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Our trained staff can provide you with a perfect, clean environment. We understand that you will need help during this time. Our team is a call away. Contact us at 702-527-2111 or book us online: (here)


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